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I am a headhunter that invests in early stage companies and occasionally trades services for equity. Most of my work is related to FoundersFund and 8VC. I have spent the last 15 years scaling and helping Palantir, Brex, JUUL, Skybox (Google) and GrabTaxi (Uber) dominate their markets. I'm a one man operation and split my time between a mountain home and San Fransisco. I make my own luggage, fly old planes and like to fish. I probably should have been born in the 1920s. 


A note.

I do not support much of an online presence.  In place of social media, I use this site as a personal and professional forum to discuss things I’m working on or are interested in.  It’s meant to be raw and unfiltered.


I am a pilot and regularly publish on Medium and AirFacts using aviation as an excuse to talk about mindfulness and the challenges associated with modern life.  About once a year I also put together a short video together with my good friend ET at Raineduponmedia as a way to connect my paper-pushing life to my analog hobbies.


Where air travel has come to serve the masses in scheduled service, or the elite in private aviation, as a headhunter and bush pilot I like to think of myself as delivering the unique to hard to reach places.


Connection versus Connections.

Now that we have reached 8 billion people, how do we find one another?


I fly a small plane between a cabin on the central coast and a cabin I’m building in the mountains of Idaho. This contrast is not unlike my two professions, as a backcountry bush pilot and a headhunter. Where commercial aviation delivers the masses, and private aviation the elite, I think of flying a small plane as delivering unique people to hard to reach places.

This is it.

Many years ago I got very lucky and rode my motorcycle into a warehouse where a band of engineers was building applications on top of a new payments platform called PayPal.

Forms and the Formless.

Meditations from chairmen from the Fortune 100.


When Palantir was a company of less than 300 people, I was asked to build a list of possible advisors.  The company had in fact leveraged a future board seat to FoundersFund if they did not manage to add at least one person from each of the following, a rather obscure list:

  • a long standing senator;

  • a Fortune 100 CEO;

  • a globally recognized talent agent;

  • a founder of three public companies;

  • the mastermind of the Bin Laden raid.



+1 415 425 2703


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